Everyone Can Be Freak

Everyone can be a freak. Seriously!

I knew a girl, a nice girl, funny in her own way. And I play a little flirt game. A game called,”hi, girl!” with text message (sms). The odd part of this game is I don’t give her my name. It’s have a great consequences in the end of the game, she called me,”Stalker!” and now she still calling me stalker.

I never really care what everybody say about me, but a stalker? Now I’m the freak? Wow!

A little weird though. I have a good life. I have a lot of good friends. It’s funny, you know, to be someone “stalker”. Maybe what they said is right “the first look is all that matters”. And I don’t give a good first look. And that make a stereotype.

Maybe it’s just a misplayed game of flirt.
Maybe she’s not a girl with a lot of experience.
Maybe it’s a hard lesson for me for not to flirt with a introvert women. A game that I always played well, and end well too, now end with a disastrous effect: a bitter rot, and a smile of defeat(?).

God do has sense of humour…

Have you ever freaking out somebody?


About dnial

You don't see anything You don't hear anything You don't know anything Move along and pretend nothing happen

Posted on 24 Agustus, 2006, in experience, life. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Komentar.

  1. Instead of flirting, you might want to try to complement her in disguise; make her feeling good bout herself 🙂

    btw, I’d say it wud be nice to let anyone outside blogger be able to give comments ^_^

  2. D-nial The Cursed One

    Guntar: Wups wrong settings :p
    I’ll fix it…

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