Movie Review: Dunia Tanpa Koma

“Dunia Tanpa Koma” is yet another sinetron on RCTI. This sinetron (sinema elektronik, somekind like television series) offers a new genre in Indonesia Sinteron world, kinda like CSI (Dian Sastro’s claims).

Who’s the stars?
There is a lot of stars played in this movie like Tora Sudiro, Didi Petet, Dian Sastro, Wulan Guritno, etc. Likely, the main focus in this story is Dian Sastro that played as Raya, a rookie reporter, fresh graduate from New York University.

Whats the story?
The story is about daily life of a reporter. A fresh idea in Indonesia. In Indonesia sinetron is always about money conflict, love conflict, evil mother-in-law, evil step-mother, “self-claimed” religious story with supernatural power or somebody crying in the street in the middle of the rain. Enough of it!

back to Dunia Tanpa Koma, this sinetron is about daily life of a reporter (i already said that didn’t I?). Raya is a rookie reporter that works at Target, a weekly newspaper. Raya works in Entertaiment and Music Dept. under supervision of Tora Sudiro(i forget his character’s name 😦 ).

Her first assigment is to get an interview with Mariana Renata (playing as herself) a busy model studies at Paris that only come to Indonesia once in a while.

This sinetron has a good story, at least not a tipical story. Must see…

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  1. great writing, great english!

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