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About Libra

Libra is my zodiac sign, the only inanimate sign.

Libra’s character are:

Positive side:
Diplomatic and urbane, diplomatic? well no I suppose, urbane(polite) not quite
Romantic and charming, Romantic? not quite, I’m a bit rash, charming? I don’t have the proof
Easygoing and sociable, Easygoing, hell yeah! Sociable? I have a lot of friends
Idealistic and peaceable, Idealistic? Yup, Peaceable? Maybe yes, but sometimes I prefer the hardway

Negative side:
Indecisive and changeable, Indecisive? Maybe I called it question everything, evey decision and careful, too careful
Gullible and easily infuenced, Yup, especially by a influenced man or a beautiful lady ;;)
Flirtatious and self-indulgent, Flirtatious? what the hell? no… self-indulgent? quite true

So how many percent is the correctness? Maybe about 75%.
Is it true that our sign determined our character? Maybe, maybe not… (well I’m indecisive didn’t I :p )


What is triskaidekaphobia?
It’s phobia for number 13th, a phobia that I can’t afford…
Why? because 13th October is my birthday. if I had Triskaidekaphobia then I never celebrate my birthday then.

PS: Yet unimportant post :p

Sebuah Percakapan

Aku teringat percakapan singkat kampus:

“Idealisme itu soal benar dan salah bukan menang dan kalah”

Maksute opo?
Maksudnya adalah kebenaran idealisme itu nggak ditentukan oleh hasil akhir ato prosesnya.
Terus gimana?
Mboh… masih belum tahu cara mengetahuinya :p

Idealist are foolish

Have you ever known idealist? They’re fools are they? Well let me mention some in my mind.

Mahatma gandhi
Do you know Mahatma Gandhi? An idealist in India.
He show Indians to use their own product. Do you know that Indian product at that time is second rate quality?
He use dhoti, a simple outfit like a cloth wrapped on his body to show simplicity, that’s naive isn’t?
He teach ahimsa, a non-violence movement. How the hell he thinks non-violence movement against the greatest nation in the world with a long history of war and imperialism, Britain.
And then, the most foolish thing is he is remembered as great man, not a great fools

Martin Luther King
He is another foolish idealist. His teaching is a non-violence struggle, as he learn from Gandhi. He ask his people not to react on police bats, what an insane idea, just let them hit you!

This is happen on an event called Bloody Sunday, summary of this event as shown in here

King and SCLC, in partial collaboration with SNCC, then attempted to organize a march from Selma to the state capital of Montgomery, for March 25, 1965. The first attempt to march on March 7, was aborted due to mob and police violence against the demonstrators. This day since has become known as Bloody Sunday. Bloody Sunday was a major turning point in the effort to gain public support for the Civil Rights Movement, the clearest demonstration up to that time of the dramatic potential of King’s nonviolence strategy. King, however, was not present. After meeting with President John F. Kennedy, he had attempted to delay the march until March 8, but the march was carried out against his wishes and without his presence by local civil rights workers. The footage of the police brutality against the protesters was broadcast extensively across the nation and aroused a national sense of public outrage.

Well, with an expensive cost, his movement is succeed.
What about his death then? Like most of foolish, he was assasinated.

Idealist are foolish? Why? Because their acting like they’re out of this world. Nonviolance, for example, is not a natural language in the world of survival of the fittest. But their values works, their out-of-the-world principle is the lighthouse of their followers, and inspire others too, like me.

Yes, I still think they are a stubborn foolish. But maybe I’m also a stubborn foolish idealist…