About Libra

Libra is my zodiac sign, the only inanimate sign.

Libra’s character are:

Positive side:
Diplomatic and urbane, diplomatic? well no I suppose, urbane(polite) not quite
Romantic and charming, Romantic? not quite, I’m a bit rash, charming? I don’t have the proof
Easygoing and sociable, Easygoing, hell yeah! Sociable? I have a lot of friends
Idealistic and peaceable, Idealistic? Yup, Peaceable? Maybe yes, but sometimes I prefer the hardway

Negative side:
Indecisive and changeable, Indecisive? Maybe I called it question everything, evey decision and careful, too careful
Gullible and easily infuenced, Yup, especially by a influenced man or a beautiful lady ;;)
Flirtatious and self-indulgent, Flirtatious? what the hell? no… self-indulgent? quite true

So how many percent is the correctness? Maybe about 75%.
Is it true that our sign determined our character? Maybe, maybe not… (well I’m indecisive didn’t I :p )


About dnial

You don't see anything You don't hear anything You don't know anything Move along and pretend nothing happen

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