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A YM status

Kita sering lihat status YM, I’m available, atau Busy atau Out for Lunch dll.
Sebenernya status itu buat apa sih? Menerangkan keadaan kan?

Nah status paling nggak jelas menurutku adalah I’m available. Maksudnya nggak jelas sama sekali. Apa maksudnya available? Status itu harus diperjelas menjadi :

  • I’m available (standar)
  • I’m single and available
  • I’m very much available
  • I’m single, lonely and available
  • I’m single, lonely and desperately available
  • I’m single, lonely and desperately available, someone please buzz me… please…

Hmmm…. apa semua yang available itu single? Nggak juga kan…
Jadi bisa dilanjutkan dengan :

  • In relationship, but available
  • I’m married but available
  • Its a little bit complicated, but actually I’m available
  • He/she just a friend, I’m available

Ada ide lagi?
btw “I’m available” itu seharusnya merujuk ke mana sih? status relationship seseorang atau status apa?
Maybe I’m misguided, but available 😀

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You Are Not Prepared!!!


The famous quote :

Imprisoned for ten thousand years.
Banished by from my own homeland
And now… you dare to enter MY realm?
You are not prepared!!!!

Illidan Stormrage – World of Warcraft