Yet another Scam?

Everything that is too good to be true, it is.

So what about this Achmad Zaini?

Where did he come from? Where did his “fund that is 20 times our APBN” come from? Do he has an accountant? Is he great investor? Did he recently invent something?

It’s all so weird. So dark.


Is it just another scam? Feel free to comment!

About dnial

You don't see anything You don't hear anything You don't know anything Move along and pretend nothing happen

Posted on 29 Mei, 2008, in idealist, small talk. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Komentar.

  1. Dengan merunut bantahan dari Jasamarga, mungkin ini scam gede2an.

  2. Gak ikut yang bagi2 duit di senayan dan?

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