For The Horde!!

That warcries tear the sky as we race towards The Battlefield. Thousand and thousand brave horde warrior running at full pace, screaming, and swing their weapon to the sky. In the battlefield awaits their mortal enemies, The Alliance. Hate blazing in their eyes towards the brave Horde.

At seconds, weapons meet weapons. Blood sprays everywhere. The green battlefield turn red with blood and full of bodies lying. The battle was short, but bloody.

For The Horde!!


Blood elf – rogue

Guild : AllianceButcherHouse

Damn I miss those times!

PS : yes, my english is not good.
And this is my 200th post!!!!


About dnial

You don't see anything You don't hear anything You don't know anything Move along and pretend nothing happen

Posted on 11 Juni, 2008, in experience, writting. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Komentar.

  1. For The Horde!!!
    Alliance minggir!!!

  2. wow 200th post…congrats 😀

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