How we works : Iteration, again and again

Have ever go to somewhere and in the way you remember that you forget something, and then you have to go back. Then you on your way again, and then the same happen, you just keep forgetting something, over and over again.


You have list all that you need to bring, you have bring all of them and now on your way, but someone in your destination tell you to bring something, you have to go back to get it. Well, then you on your way again, and the same thing happen, that person just keep adding something you should bring.


And somehow you have bring all the items that person need, and he stop adding things. You’re now on your destination and the person look at all the stuff you bring, and point some stuff and say,”This is not what I want, I want it like bla bla bla”, You sure you got the right stuff, but then again, you have to go back and get it. Do I have to tell you that situation will be repeated again?

Well, that’s how we, programmers, work. We just keep going back on forth. We have patience way over everyone else in the office. Well, except the helpdesk, they’re the best. They have the patience of Florence Nightingale or maybe Mother Theresa. They do all the dirty works, and only ask us when they don’t have a clue about our apps, and they never complain and seldom ask for help, because they’re the helpdesk. Does Superman ever ask for help?

This is how we work. So if you ask me is IT works as good as they seem. Well, you don’t have a clue! We have all the fun in the office, so we don’t get to bored or stressed out and become homicidal towards our clients.

As they said in latin, Fac ut vivas – get a life, dude!


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  1. silver bullet (SIL-vuhr BOOL-it) noun: A quick solution to a thorny problem. [From the belief that werewolves could be killed when shot with silver bullets.] “Writing code, he (Stuart Feldman) explains, is like writing poetry: every word, each placement counts. Except that software is harder, because digital poems can have millions of lines which are all somehow interconnected. Try fixing programming errors, known as bugs, and you often introduce new ones. So far, he laments, nobody has found a silver bullet to kill the beast of complexity.”
    – Survey: The Beast of Complexity; The Economist (London, UK); Apr 14, 2001. –

  2. enggak tau bahaa inggris no commatn deh

  3. So, usually, when will someone decide to STOP go back and launch the software? 🙄

    As they said in latin, Fac ut vivas – get a life, dude!

    Cuz ordinary life is a crime…! 😆

  4. hehehhe i’m not read fully….. but i think this may be possible…..
    salam kenal from SKI SMAN 1 SURABAYA

  5. oh pak andhi dah bs bhs inggris to?jaman smp dulu bolot banget.

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