Learning French

Well, I started learning French yesterday. First day of new language is always shocking… The class is moderate (under twenty) and a lot of them are younger than me. Some of them are high schooler, the others are college students. There is one or two working class like me. It’s feels like become twenty again.

Well, i don’t spot any computer in the class, that make me curious. There is wifi connection, though. I guess the teacher expect us to bring our notebook from home.

The pace of the class is a little bit slow. I mean, what is it learning to call names and nationality, learning introduction and stuff. Just give me the good stuff, please. But patient can take you anywhere, so I try to be patient.

There something I’m going to ask the teacher, but there just not enough time. So I make the list:

  1. Is french Object Oriented or Procedural?
  2. Do french have garbage collector?
  3. Do french support pointer? (this is tricky question)
  4. How do you code “Hello World” in french?
  5. Is there .NET version of french?
  6. How you do iteration and branching in french?
  7. How good is regex in french?
  8. Is it scripted (like PHP) or compiled (like C++) or pre-compiled (like Java) language?

For the 4th question, I have the answer. It should be… “Salut Mondial” or “Bonjour Mondial” or “Bonsoir Mondial”

C’est La Vie…

Yes, lih… now you can say it.. “dasar Geek!”


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  1. Liberté, égalité, fraternité
    – French Revolution Motto –

  2. Allow Monsiuer Daniel. Comment allez vous? Bien?

    Cool !! I’ve always wanted to take french course but I don’t think I have enough time (and enough fund wuahahaha) to do that. In fact lately I’m thinking of taking GMAT course.

  3. @Galih
    Thank you for your compliment.

    Bonjour Madamoiselle Wina! 😀
    I think French in CCL is quite cheap, compared to German in Goethe. 1,2 mill for 5 month, is a good deal. There’s also a lot of reason why I start with french not Italian nor German, but that’s another story. 😛

    GMAT? So you’re looking for scholarship in USA, I presume?

  4. belajar ga pandang umur, malah asyik ketemu daun muda dong 😛

  5. woogghhh… daniel ngueri pek,,,,, ampun kk… ^:)^

  6. @Hedi
    Iya sih… udah muda seger lagi… 😀

    Biasa saja…

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