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What is the most successful game ever? It’s not World of Warcraft or Gears of War or Counter Strike. It’s the Minesweper. A game where you risk your life walking in mine traps across the field, where every choice is a possible life and death scenario.

Some funny picture in the net. Hilarious sign.

You know bad cellphone if you see one. It could be the design, size, or weight, in some cases just too damn expensive. 😀

In facebook quizz, try to read the tiny prints. Some of them are scams, I wonder why facebook let this through.

Netbook is still kicking and running, and hurting Microsoft bottom line too. Need new notebook? Read my review (tetep iklan).

Interesting history of text messaging.  Why sms limited to 160 character? But doesn’t answer the obvious question, Why the hell the limitation still 160 character? This is 2009, for crying out loud!

To much Windows 7 crash Microsoft site. Maybe the database should be upgraded to, say, Oracle 11g?

If you blog, don’t go to Myanmar.

The sentient computer smarter than us will come. Please don’t call it Skynet or Eagle Eyes. Call it Ultron instead.


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  1. Minesweeper is bigger than wow? Thats news to me.

  2. Ah, Junta Myanmar memang keterlaluan….
    kebebasan berekspresi dikekang… 😦

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