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About College Tips

Once in a while, some stupid people ask me about their advice for their study (hey,  people who ask advice from stupid people like me is also stupid, right 😛 ? ). Some of my advice are useful for them, and most of them are useless.

So what are those advice?

  1. Take major that you have a passion in, not just what hot now. Maybe now banking and telco industry is hot, but maybe in 2010 they aren’t so hot anymore. Maybe now engineer are high paid, but maybe few years from now the high payroll will go to food industry, farming, or forestry. Landscape changes very fast.
  2. Going to major you don’t have passion in is difficult. If you have passion to what you learn, you can excel in that field, conquering obstacle, and get a grip of yourself in those frustrating times where you have to learn something that boring, difficult yet essential. Find your passion, and pursue it to the end of the world.
  3. If you have a rich parent, or quite rich parent that can support you for 5 years of college, just do it. Take 5 years of college. Learn as much as you can. Don’t limit yourself to 144 sks (in Indonesia), take 150, 160 or more if you want. Learn as much as you can! I take 159 sks 😀
  4. If you want to work and going college, be sure what your priority are. Is it your work or your study. After you sort it out, be consistent.
  5. Speaking from experience, IT is not for all people. Especially programming.
    I don’t mean to be sexist but I found women are more programming-challenged. Not because they are stupid, most of them are smarter than me, way smarter (better GPA, graduate faster, etc), it’s just programming are harder for woman to learn. Other IT area like research, IT documentation (technical writing), or IT project management, or even in System Analyst, women are excel. My Project Controller is a women. She’s excel in negotiating requirements with our user so programmer won’t work too hard.
  6. The main reason is because programming is about abstraction and most of the time you have to keep few layer of abstraction and know how your code effect every layer. You have to imagine thing that don’t exist and analoging it with real world. We say queue, but you never see the line, we say cloud computing but you never see the cloud. We say terms like iteration and recursion b ut you never really see how they works. Programmer only one step away from insanity, they keep imagining things :P. Not all people good at this. Even me…
  7. Push yourself to the limit. Don’t run from challenge, take them, embrace them. I challenge myself by taking the most challenging thesis topics I can found (the Intelligent Business System, which raise a question, “how can unintelligent person create an intelligent system?”). But, you still need to have a passion in that topic so you can go the distance.
  8. College is not always about studying. Try to get involve to student organization in your campus. Try to find other activity outside campus you find interesting. But remember your focus. Sort your priority.
  9. Sometime shit happens. Bad lecturer, unfair evaluation, problem with friends, break up, etc. Then just suck it up!

Maybe that’s all advice I can give.

What is your experience in college? What will you give to your juniors?

Garuda di Dadaku, Pemilu besok, DPT kacau.

Let’s sing!

Ayo putra bangsa
Harumkan negeri ini
Jadikan kita bangga

Jayalah negaraku
Tanah air tercinta
Indonesia raya
Jayalah negaraku
Tanah air tercinta
Indonesia raya

Reff :
Garuda di dadaku
Garuda kebanggaanku
Ku yakin hari ini pasti menang..
Kobarkan semangatmu
Tunjukkan keinginanmu
Ku yakin hari ini pasti menang..

-= Garuda Di Dadaku – Netral =-

Lanjutkan dengan pro rakyat, Lebih cepat lebih baik! Serahkan pada ahlinya! Bersama kita bisa! Yes We Can! 😛

Pengkaderan: Sebuah sudut pandang.

“Mahasiswa jaman sekarang semakin manja.” demikian keluh seorang teman di perbincangan di sudut Burger King, Plaza Semanggi. “Masak kemarin ada maba yang ngurung diri di kamar, sampai Kajur datang ke kos-kosannya. Kabarnya gara-gara kuliahnya jeblok” Aku punya jawaban template untuk masalah kayak gitu, “Setiap jaman tantangannya beda.”

Memori kembali ke 7 tahun lalu. Di tahun 2002, sebuah sudut kos-kosan Gebang Lor, Surabaya. Di kos-kosan Hendra itu sebagian kita berkumpul, saling membacem tugas, bertukar ilmu sampai ngobrol nggak jelas dan main WE. Kuliah berat, bahasa pemrograman terasa sebagai bahasa planet yang nggak jelas apa maknanya, dalam praktikum kita ngehadapin asdos yang kejam, belum lagi senior jahat yang membuat kampus serasa neraka jahanam. Read the rest of this entry