From across The World – Link Collection

Because writing a good post is time consumptive, I will instead collecting links about interesting topics what I’ve read in the Net.

Guess who’s profiting from Indonesia sand exporting ban to Singapore? Tim Sintop, an American whose trading company wants to export sand from Myanmar and has already secured several contracts in Singapore, says: “The more bans there are elsewhere, the better for us.”

The debate about vaccine in US. A lot of people in US oppose to the systematic vaccination scheme, arguing that vaccine cause Autism, although scientific proofs say otherwise.

Times list Indonesia as suspect for next big earthquake. Their chosen picture for the article is somewhat interesting.

Yet another good news from Indonesia. The Economist says Indonesia should aim higher.

Freakonomics shows you how to go green and increase profit. Spoiler: Price Discrimination.

Superfreakonomics is out there. And yes, I have finished it. Spoiler: Some nuts scientist have introduced concept of money to monkeys, and get interesting result. and bonus: Excerpt.

Windows 7 is out today, and here’s the list why you want it and why you don’t. For Indonesian, just wait until some hacker can pirated it. I have already use it. It’s quite nice, fast, but slightly more annoying than XP.


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  1. soal windows 7 itu, saya tetap merasa lebih nyaman pake XP 😀

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