About How I Consume Information

I have this tendency, I like to read. I want to read anywhere, anytime and anything. This is why I have plenty random trivial knowledge of things. But the anything part is more complex now. Consuming information is easy in our younger days because the Internet didn’t exist and more complicated now.

There are many information out there that we need to filter and pick according to our interest and need. In the past, this information filtering is done by buying magazine, newspaper or watching news that suit our preference.

Today, I most information I get is via my Google Reader. Google Reader is my latest window to see the world. I subscribe to many webs, blogs and news sites out there that suits my preference. The problem will be, how I consume information that do not suit my taste?

For example, the flood in Bangkok. While I read once in a while that there is flood in Thailand, I only realized it few moments a go. That is because I do not know that there is flood in Bangkok, I think that the flood is somewhere in the village in Thailand. And news about the election in Russia, I knew it kinda late because all my feed doesn’t show it. And, I knew it from…. 9gag. Me gusta!

This is called information bubble. I think all of us have done it. Maybe through reading newspaper and magazine that suits our political preference so we don’t see other views from our opponents.

In today world, it is so much easier to found people with the same interest. Maybe through online forum, twitter, facebook forum, websites or many more. This people hangout and become more and more convergent in their thinking, it is called system thinking. While I can write a whole post about this and its implication, I digress.

But, think about this. Maybe my way of consuming information makes my world view narrower and that will effect my tolerance or acceptance with people that have different views, because I don’t understand them and we tend to fear or dismiss what we don’t understand.

The bottom line is, I think I need to become more open and divergent in my way of consuming information. Let start with 9gag-ing.




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You don't see anything You don't hear anything You don't know anything Move along and pretend nothing happen

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  1. The Master said, “Yu, shall I teach you what knowledge is? When you know a thing, to hold that you know it; and when you do not know a thing, to allow that you do not know it; — this is knowledge.”

    Confucius in The Analects 2:17, as translated by Arthur Waley

  2. I read ynetnews.com only. And goal.com. Still I think I’m resourceful enough about world problem. 😀

  3. Lately…

    I read Kompas.com
    I read Daily Mail.
    I read Goal.com
    I stay away from 9gag.com
    I try to read more and more research papers. 😆

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