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About French Accent

Yesterday I attend to an event in CCF. The event was simple. A while ago, CCF held a postcard writting competition. Every students had to write a simple postcard letter describing their fictional vacation on a chateau in France to a friend.

Well, I have a good idea what to write, a story in a mysterious chateu. But lack of knowledge, and especially vocab hinder me from writting a good story. I need to learn more.

Back to the event, Event host asked few of the winner to recite their writting. There was dull reading, just plain reading the text, and there was some good and great reading also.

Those students, at their best French accent sounded like singing and acting than reading. French accent, IMHO, is a great harmony to hear. Tons of vocal-ended words are the cause. Some of those readers are great story teller, they were mimicking the expression on what they read, and of course given the fact IF I knew what they tried to say that would be more interesting.

Well, more reason to learn French, then. Their accent are sexy.

PS : Do I get my grammar right? I’m kinda rusty here.