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CERN Big Bang Research

They will do it today! They’re trying to recreate the big bang that started the Universe in their gigantic lab. For all gigantic leap, there always a risk. What’s the risk of this research? Well, not much, just creating a tiny black hole that can devour our planet from inside. But, that’s just a small probability. Nothing to worry about.

In the daily express report

Some scientists have labeled the plan ‘risky’ as it may create black holes that will swallow up the planet.

CERN have refuted this, with Physicist Ulrich Straumann stating: “There are no such risks.”


See it from the bright side. If those Nobel winner and the most genius scientist in the world are wrong, chance are we won’t be here long enough to regret it.

If they succeed? They claim that this research can answer the things that people ask for centuries like : Is there God? Where were we came from? Where are we going? What is the purpose of my life? Or answer the most fundamentals question of all time, “What’s women want?” Well the last is a long shot.

At least they will came with better answer to life, universe and everything. But did google guys have done it? Check this 

Now, that’s what  X-files maniac geeks do, determinate for searching for the truth out there, even if can literally turn the world upside down. That’s, my friends, is a real DETERMINATION. The root of the word is TERMINATE.

Now, let us pray for our sin.

May the force be with you!