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This is a list for interesting links I found lately. Worth reading, few from IT, few just random stuff I encounter.

Sometimes truth are stranger than fiction. Sometimes is just plain odd. 😀

Interesting Links and 9 things about Piracy and Stuff

Blogger beware!

Ars article about ebooks industry. I like to read and I think ebooks is a cheaper alternatives to conventional printed books. Plus ebooks are enviromental friendly.

Article about piracy:

From Tim O’reilly, we got few articles.

The Spore DRM Disaster. From readwriteweb and Tim O’Reilly.

I get a lot of thinking about this piracy things, both from consumer or producer point of view. That’s what I think:

  1. Piracy is indeed a crime. But publisher can think that as business risk and advertisement. Seems absurd, but think about it, people don’t pirate obsecure books, they pirate popular ones, and think it as massive free samples with a hope that few percent from those pirates go to buy legitimate copy. However, business won’t run with hope right? They need money. Read the rest of this entry